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Visa categories

Our quick introduction to New Zealand visa categories and immigration pathways. See the range of temporary and resident visas available in New Zealand

There are several types of visas to New Zealand that are suitable for many situations.


This type of visa is used for tourist and short business trips, or to come to visit your family and friends. A visitor visa gives you the right to stay in New Zealand temporarily and study for up to 3 months.


These are visas designed to study in New Zealand for a duration of 12 weeks or more, whether it be an English language course, basic education or a tertiary degree.


The objective of New Zealand’s limited visa is to facilitate the entry of visitors, students, and workers who seek to enter New Zealand temporarily for an express purpose only. The main difference from Visitor and Student visas is that it is impossible to change the Limited Edition Visa to any other visa while  in New Zealand. Holders of these visas also cannot request a special direction from INZ or the Minister and may not, whether before or after the visa expires, appeal to a court, the Tribunal (other than an appeal under sections 194 or 195).


There are several types of work visas which have different application instructions.

  • Employment-based visas. If you find a job and the employer is willing to provide you a with an employment contract, then you can get a work visa on this basis, provided there are no New Zealanders available or you work in the area of Skills Shortage.
  • Visas for graduates. Post-study work visas which allow recent graduates to find a job and apply for a Resident visa.
  • Other work visas. There are plenty of other options – from Working Holiday to Pacific Quota visas. These visas are usually connected to a specific citizenship or event.


  • Work to residence. If you currently work for, or have a job offer from, an accredited employer, and have worked in a Tier 2 Green List in-demand role for 24 months, this visa is suitable.
  • Skilled Migrant Category. If you work in New Zealand within a certain income threshold or can qualify for points for your qualification, then most likely you would have an opportunity to apply for a resident visa, subject to certain conditions.


  • If you want to open a business in New Zealand and have NZD $ 100,000+ in investment, then you can consider the option of obtaining a business visa.
  • Investor visa. If you have NZD $5+ million for investment, then it makes sense to apply for an investor visa. More details can be found on our website.


If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, your loved ones can choose from various family visa types – dependent child, partner, parent and grand-parent. Browse family visa options on our website.


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Disclaimer: information on our website is presented for general guidance only and may not reflect the latest changes in immigration law (though we always aim to update it as soon as practically possible). Please refer to Immigration New Zealand website for official immigration instructions.