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Learn more about New Zealand visa types and find the best way to immigrate to New Zealand

How to immigrate

What to do? Where to start? Who can help? Find detailed answers to your questions about New Zealand Immigration rules and various visa types

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Visa categories

Our quick introduction to New Zealand visa categories and immigration pathways. See the range of temporary and resident visas available in New Zealand

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Skilled Migrant Residence

The most popular way to immigrate to New Zealand and live here permanently. Check if you qualify for the sufficient number of points and start your immigration process

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Residence from work

A special pathway which allows migrants to move from Work to Residence visas within 30 months

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Bring your family to New Zealand on a temporary or permanent basis. Partners, dependent children and parents can join you in New Zealand

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Appeals and Section 61

For those who find themselves unlawful in New Zealand or otherwise have a challenging immigration situation

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