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How to immigrate

What to do? Where to start? Who can help? Find detailed answers to your questions about New Zealand Immigration rules and various visa types

New Zealand offers one of the best lifestyles in the world. You can expect competitive salaries, a stable economy and transparent immigration rules. And all of these in a safe, incredibly beautiful and very friendly multi-ethnic environment.

Immigration to New Zealand normally comprises of several stages – obtaining or confirming education, verifying work experience, and securing a job offer from a New Zealand employer. These factors will help you to score points in the points based immigration system, and apply for permanent residence.

In this section we have summarised common New Zealand immigration pathways. If you are not sure what suits you best – flick us an email and we will set up a plan for you.


There may be several ways to immigrate when you are an established professional. We have listed the most popular options below to give you a few examples. Please be aware that everything remains very individual and is dependent on your specific profile. If you cannot find something which is a good match – you can always book a consultation with us and discuss your case in detail.

At the moment, the Skilled Migrant Category is the main professional pathway to gain Residence in New Zealand (a visa which allows you to stay in the country indefinitely). You would need to score enough points in your application.

Below are the main factors which are considered for Skilled Migrant points:

  • Work experience
  • Qualification
  • Registration

You must have 6 points to apply.

You must have a job or a job offer in New Zealand to apply. Your employment must be with an accredited employer and either full-time and permanent, for a fixed-term of at least 12 months or a contract for services of at least 6 months.


One of the most popular and effective pathways to New Zealand is through education. Majority of employers want their prospective employees to have work visas before hiring them and very few want to bother handling these work visas themselves. After completing various courses of study in New Zealand you may be eligible for an ‘open’ Post-Study Work Visa which will give you the much needed working rights. And, of course if you choose your education provider carefully, you will also gain new skills, strengthen the knowledge of your career field, and acquire new connections. All of these will help you find a job in New Zealand which would later on (or sometimes straight away) lead you to residence. Detailed information about immigration through study can be found on our website.

Whether you already have a tertiary degree, or want to change your career direction, New Zealand has options available for you. Education pathway is one of the most reliable options, as it allows you to get the actual knowledge, experience and understanding of the New Zealand market. For the duration of your studies, most students have the right to work part-time, and having studied for at least one year (in some cases two), graduates receive an ‘open’ Post-Study Work Visa – read more about this visas on our website.

Please note that student normally need to pass IELTS at a minimum of 5.5 points or any other equivalent test.


Business and investor visas allow people who can contribute to New Zealand’s economy while living in New Zealand. This can be done by investing in a New Zealand business or government, or if you have the right business experience, by buying or setting-up your own business in New Zealand.

To apply, you’ll need to provide a detailed business plan, have at least NZ $100,000 to invest in your business and be able to claim 120 points on INZ points scale (similar two-step system as in Skilled Migrant Category). If you’re granted this visa, you can buy or set up a business without living here permanently, or as a first step towards New Zealand residence. Read more about the Business category on our website.


The Active Investor Plus Visa is a New Zealand immigration option designed for individuals who wish to contribute to the New Zealand economy through active investment. It’s a pathway for experienced investors with a history of growth and returns to obtain residency in New Zealand.

The minimum investment is NZD $15 million or the weighted equivalent in acceptable investments in New Zealand (effectively the minimum investment is NZD $5 million).

These investments must be maintained for at least 4 years. The visa focuses on applicants actively managing their investments, as opposed to merely holding them, encouraging direct involvement in the New Zealand economy.

Successful applicants gain residency rights, providing them an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from living in New Zealand.

No matter what path you choose, we are ready to help you with your immigration plan. Our in-depth understanding of immigration matters and commitment to providing exceptional service has made us a trusted adviser to corporates and individuals from all around the world. Contact us today.