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Work visas for students who completed a New Zealand qualification and want to gain work experience

Depending on what you studied, you may be able to work in New Zealand for up to four years, and possibly even gain residence. From 26 November 2018, the conditions and duration of post-study work visas have changed.

  • All Post-study work visas are granted with ‘open’ work conditions.
  • This means that your work visa won’t be linked to any employer and the employer-assisted post-study work visa will no longer exist. You won’t need a job offer to get a post-study work visa.

For new visa applicants the following table would show how may years of work rights will be granted:

This table applies if, on 8 August 2018, you did not hold a student visa and you did not have a student visa application accepted for processing by Immigration New Zealand.

*To qualify for this, you must have successfully completed your qualification(s) by 31 December 2021. If you complete your qualification(s) after that date, you may be eligible for a one-year open post-study work visa, and one additional year if you are a Graduate Diploma graduate and you are working towards registration with a professional or trade body.

From 2022, international students who complete qualifications at Levels 4 to 6, after two years’ study, or non-degree Level 7 qualifications are eligible for a one-year post-study work visa, and if they have completed a Graduate Diploma that is used for registration with a professional or trade body, an additional one-year post-study work visa.  Students completing Level 7 degree qualifications or above will continue to be eligible for three-year post study work visas.

Disclaimer: information on our website is presented for general guidance only and may not reflect the latest changes in immigration law (though we always aim to update it as soon as practically possible). Please refer to Immigration New Zealand website for official immigration instructions.