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Skilled Migrant and Parent Categories reopen November 2022

After so many months the waiting game is over. Skilled Migrant and Parent Category Resident visas come back in November 2022! This is such an amazing news for so many migrants and something we all have been longing to hear.

Skilled Migrant

The first selection will be at 160 points, and subsequent selections at an increased threshold of 180 points (no details about how exactly it will be done, details are expected within 1-4 weeks). There will be no cap on the number of people who can gain residence each year, if they meet the skills threshold.
You can start planning your application today and will be able to get the process started in just a month.

Parent Category

The category will see a lower income threshold for sponsors of 1.5 times the median wage supporting one parent, and 2 times the median wage for joint sponsors (we assume two parents were meant here). Median wage will be 29.66 on 27 February 2023.
The number of Parent Resident Visas granted each year will increase more than twice from 1000 to 2500 a year.
As part of modernising the Parent Category, from today, any new expressions of interest submitted will go into a ballot rather than add to the existing queue.