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Partner of a Student Work Visa Changes

Since November 2018, changes have been introduced to receive Partner of a Student Work Visa.

Partner of a Student Work Visa

Partner of a Student Work Visa conditions changed last November 2018. The partner can get a work visa if the student visa holder studies on one of the following programs:

  • Level 7 and Level 8: Only specialities from the list of  Long Term Skill Shortage List
  • Level 9: Any speciality on Master’s programs
  • Level 10: Any speciality on PhD Graduate programs

It is important to note that by Level 7 and 8 usually means the annual Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma programs. Undergraduate programs at Bachelor Degree also apply to Level 7-8 programs.

The Revised Long Term Skill Shortage List

The revised Long Term Skill Shortage List effective from 27 May 2019. The list of demanded specialities mainly includes IT specialists, engineers, constructors and medical specialists. The most popular requests are in the first two areas.

These are some occupation groups from the Long Term Skill Shortage List:

  • IT: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Multimedia Specialist,  etc.;
  • Construction: Construction Project Manager, Project Builder, Surveyor, etc.;
  • Engineering: Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Civil Engineer, etc.;
  • Health and Social Services: Clinical Psychologist, General Practitioner, Physicist, Radiologist, Veterinarian and others.

The full revised Long Term Skill Shortage List is available on the Immigration New Zealand website (PDF).

Long Term Skill Shortage List Requirements

The conditions of work partner visa can be obtained, if a Student visa holder is studying on a program from the Long Term Skill Shortage List. This means that your studying program, its name must be in the list and additionally meet the requirements indicated in the rightmost column of this list.

Most of the programs listed in requirements need a Bachelor Degree, which is three-year undergraduate programs.

As for the annual programs of level 7 and above, they are also available in the sections Engineering and ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications.

Other Requirements

In addition, the name of your study program must be accredited by the local professional association – as confirmed by a letter from them.

The quote from the ICT (Information Technology) section:

A qualification comparable to NZQF Level 7 or higher, with a letter from IT Professionals New Zealand certifying that the applicant’s degree and any further learning meet the educational requirements towards Chartered IT Professional New Zealand status.

The quote from the Engineering section:

A qualification at NZQF Level 7 or higher, with a letter from Engineering New Zealand certifying that the degree and any further learning meet the benchmark requirements towards Chartered Professional Engineer professional status in New Zealand.

There is one direction in the list, for whose letters do not require – this refers to the Construction section.

The quote from the Construction section:

A Graduate Diploma at NZQF Level 7, or a higher qualification which includes the knowledge requirements of a New Zealand Graduate Diploma in the focus areas of construction management, highway engineering, civil engineering or construction project management.

If you have the appropriate education and/or experience in Construction, you can enrol in a studying program in this area (with the specialisations listed in the list). Your partner will be able to apply for a working partner visa.

For additional consultation, as well as for all the details about Partner of a Student Work Visa, please contact our Licensed Immigration Adviser