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New NZQA assessment system


NZQA will be introducing the changes to their assessment system on Monday 10 February 2020. These include an updated suite of products, a new fee structure and a new online application portal for the recognition of overseas qualifications.

  • The International Qualifications Assessment (IQA) is changing: an IQA will include one qualification, and specific add-on options will be available for those who intend to teach in New Zealand or require an assessment against skill shortage list requirements.
  • The Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) will no longer be available: the feedback we received through the consultation process highlighted that the PAR was no longer fit for purpose. It was introduced at a time when processing an IQA took several months. Now that an IQA is completed within 25 working days, the rationale for the PAR no longer exists. Existing PARs will continue to be valid for one year from the time of completion. Immigration New Zealand will continue to accept PARs to support Expressions of Interest for Skilled Migrant Category visa applications for another year. They will also accept IQAs.
  • The format of all reports remains the same: the IQA Recognition Statement will remain the same. You will be able to verify the authenticity of our reports issued in that format through NZQA website.
  • No new applications will be accepted from Saturday 8 February: you will still be able to log in and view the details of current applications, however you will not be able to submit new applications until Monday 10 February.

Current applications will not be affected by these changes: NZQA will process existing applications within our standard processing timeframes. You will continue to have access to your user dashboard (until 10 August 2020) to check the status of your client’s application and download their results statement once their application has been completed.


Please see below for details on how existing products will be affected.


Current fee

Updated product

New fee

International Qualifications Assessment (IQA)
Includes up to 5 qualifications assessed per application


International Qualification Assessment (IQA)
Includes the assessment of one qualification against the New Zealand Qualification Framework.

If you intend to teach in New Zealand or would like your qualification assessed against the requirements of one of Immigration New Zealand’s skill shortage lists, the following options are available (additional fees apply).

Add-Ons for IQAs

Teaching Assessment

Select this option to have your IQA assessed for teaching purposes. This covers Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary schooling. Selecting this option allows you to submit an additional 2 IQAs free of charge.

Skill Shortage List Assessment Add-On
Select this option to have your IQA assessed against an Immigration New Zealand Skill Shortage List.

Pre-1998 Qualification fee
If you completed your qualification before 1998, this additional fee will apply. This is because the assessment of older qualifications requires more time and resources.


(in addition to the IQA fee above)

(in addition to the IQA fee above)

(in addition to the applicable fee)

Pre-Assessment Result (PAR)



(Immigration New Zealand will accept an IQA instead of a PAR when applying.)


Overseas Study Assessment (OSA)


Overseas Study Assessment (OSA)

Price change only


Review of an IQA


Review of an IQA

Price change only. This reflects the considerable time and resources required to review an IQA. The fee is refunded if the initial assessment is found to be incorrect.



All fees given above are GST inclusive where applicable.