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New border exceptions

We are currently awaiting new border exceptions to come into play, 2022 promises to be the year we are gradually getting more people into the country. For all exceptions, migrants should have job offers in place.
New exceptions will apply to:
▪ Software and Application Programmers
▪ ICT Managers
▪ ICT Security Specialist
▪ Multimedia Specialists
Other new border exceptions include:
▪ 180 external auditors (plus partners and dependent children). External auditors need to be earning at least:
– $70,000 a year for auditors with two to three years’ relevant experience
– $85,000 a year for auditors with at least four years’ relevant experience
▪ 50 wool handlers, with at least one season’s experience in a similar jurisdiction and paid at least $30 an hour
Existing exceptions also have been renewed:
▪ 200 rural contractors paid at least $27 an hour
▪ 40 shearers
▪ 615 deep-sea fishing crew (to enter in September and October 2022)
▪ 30 travellers per month nominated by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to transit New Zealand on the way home to Australia
▪ 550 cargo crew servicing the Pacific to undertake managed isolation in New Zealand