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Median wage increases to $27 per hour in July

INZ announced that from from 19 July 2021 Essential Skills visa applications will be assessed using the median hourly wage of NZD$27.00 – an increase from $25.50.
This means that anyone who earns below $27.00 would only receive a 6-months Essential Skills work visa. 3-years visas would require a median wage or higher.
This is an expected increase, yet very upsetting and unwelcome for many migrants.

The stand-down period for Essential Skills visa holders who are paid below the median wage, which would require them to leave New Zealand for 12 months after three years (four years for healthcare workers) before they can apply for another lower-paid Essential Skills visa, will be further postponed until July 2022.

It will continue to be a requirement that Essential Skills visa holders are given and paid for at least 30 hours of work per week. Employers will still need to prove they have been genuinely unsuccessful at attracting a New Zealander into the role before offering it to a temporary migrant.