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Epidemic Management – what visa holders should know?

Today the Prime Minister announced an official Epidemic Management Notice, in 48 hours the country is getting in a total lockdown. As the country moves to Level 4 (highest) alert – we want to give the migrants some understanding how the epidemic warning works and what it means for visa holders.

What if your visa expires during the Epidemic Management Notice?

You generally need to be on a valid visa at all times. If you can – please apply for a new visa asap to ensure you will receive it as soon as the things get normal.

There is a general rule that under the official Epidemic Management Notice, the work visa would expire the beginning of the day that is 3 months after the day on which an epidemic management notice expires. This means that all of the visas would automatically extend for the duration of the Epidemic Management Notice and you will not become unlawful if your visa was to expire within the period of the Epidemic Management Notice.

What would happen to visa processing?

At this stage it looks like INZ will be holding all files while in isolation unless they start working remotely (it did not happen with offshore branches). We will be posting an update on our website and Facebook, so ensure you follow us HERE.

Where to find support?

If you want to leave the country – please get in touch with your embassy to see if they can be of assistance. It may not be possible at all in the next few weeks, so the earlier you act – the better.


Please note that we are still open and will be working from home for as long as we can. We do skype consultations and keep assisting people with visa applications as usual.

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