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With experience across a wide variety of immigration matters, we are here
to help you stay in New Zealand. Whatever your goal, we aim to help turn
complex issues into successful outcomes.

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Really appreciate patience, advice and help with gathering and …

Read Feedback from Vera Boytsukevych

My name is Viola Namyalo a female Ugandan aged 22. After getting a chance to attend the General Assembly in Auckland, I was so happy. I started working on my visa application. After a period of one month, my application had been assessed already, I was looking forward to reading the decision. To my surprise, it was a no. The hosts of the General Assembly were not happy about the decision, they decided to apply on my behalf through Yana Gild…

Read Feedback from Viola Namyalo

Thanks to Yana and the whole team for helping me throughout the process of my work visa and followed by my residency application…

Read Feedback from Cenoy Varghese

Thanks a lot for your help with a visitor visa – it was a straightforward process and we only needed to follow your instructions. I look forward to working with you in future!

Read Feedback from Ksenia Popova

Yana took the pressure off us as a couple to complete the arduous paperwork involved in multiple visa applications, and was able to advocate for my case with immigration New Zealand…

Read Feedback from Damodar Neupane

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Changes have been made to immigration instructions to clarify that English language tests cannot be taken remotely outside of a...

Immigration to New Zealand

Kiwi Immigration is a boutique law firm providing assistance with New Zealand immigration matters. We help people from all over the world to come to New Zealand.

If you want to immigrate to New Zealand, we can help you with resident visa, work visa, student visa, visitor visa, partner visa and any other matter. Our experienced lawyers and advisers can also assist you with a Section 61 request, Judicial Review, Ministerial Intervention or an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT).